Sustainability | Collins Construction

Building a sustainable future.

Our dedicated in house team ensures that sustainability is considered at every stage of a project, from start to finish.

As a business, we recognise the considerable impact that construction has on the environment, so we select construction methods that minimise the use of natural resources associated with the use of energy and materials.

We are regularly involved in projects that follow either BREEAM or Ska assessment requirements.                            

We are also proud to be a Carbon Neutral Organisation. Collins Construction has been assessed for its greenhouse gas emissions by Carbon Footprint Ltd to understand more fully our carbon footprint. As a result we have now funded those equivalent carbon dioxide savings by supporting two certified clean energy projects based in India.

This is a chance to not only make a difference on our own projects, but for us to conserve and protect other areas of the world that may be affected by construction.


ISO 14001

As a business we continue to maintain and uphold our ISO 14001 certification. This includes identifying and managing environmental impacts, ensuring energy and waste is managed efficiently onsite, environmental compliance through audits, and providing time effective environmental processes.

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